Saturday, 16 January 2010

Were we ever that young?


I was just remembering that it is Carol’s birthday on January 18th and I decided to look through the old photos to see what I could find. Not many of her but I came across a photo of our brownie pack -

Brownies 1952

And this one -

Swearing In

And another

 The Brownies

Lots of old familiar faces – how many can you name?

Umm, Brownies, can’t say I remember very much and I never went on to be a guide, far too rebellious.

There was a toadstool which you can see above but what was it’s significance? I guess we all danced round it at times the thought of which, 58 years later, has made me chuckle.

We were divided into different groups I think; pixies, elves and fairies? Am I right?

I do remember going into the Baker’s in Ditton Street on the way home and getting a hardbake which nearly broke your teeth. I assume they were rolls which had been left too long in the oven – were they?

come on girls, remind me what badges we got and why? Name some names and let me have your memories of Brownies.



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