Saturday, 30 January 2010


Hello Jean
Shops in Ilminster:
Tom Clapp's sports shop. After watching Ilminster play football on a Saturday afternoon in the Rec. we used to go  to Clapp's early evening to pick up "The Green un", the Saturday sports paper.

JJ says - ( I remember my Dad had the Pinkun, what was the difference? He was a bit of a gambler so his might have been horse racing and the Greenun – football?)

On the way home we would pick up some chips and a bottle of Vimto in the fish & chip shop, then I'd read the paper cover to cover in the evening. I think it was Mike Smith who introduced us to the Vimto!  Can you still buy that stuff?

Did Mrs Carbin run the fish/chip shop?

JJ says - (Yes, she did and looked like she lived on it too! 3 pence for a large portion of chips and 1 pence for scribblings – those little bits of batter)
Mr Giles' shop on the corner of Wharf Lane. I think it was a newsagents/stationers but we used to spend ages in there looking at postage stamps and occasionally buying them. Old Mr Giles would get fed up with us sometimes and tell us to get a move on. Clive Williams and Cliff Hargest would go in with me sometimes. Was there anybody else?
Tony White's grocery shop, High Street, top of Summervale.

Off to STC party

( the little girl in the front sucking her thumb is me)

  I used to work there on a Friday evening after school. Firstly I had to help Tony and his wife fill up the order boxes then I had to deliver them around the town on my special bike. Sometimes Tony would  give me some broken biscuits or cheese to take home. These were always appreciated at home as we were fairly poor in those days. I think we were the only single parent family in Summervale at the time.

JJ says ( Whites – loved that shop always full of lovely smells. Tony was a big smiley man and very friendly. One Christmas he asked me to draw the raffle and I was very honoured. However, I think we won 4 or 5 prizes – coincidence Gov – honest!)
Irwin's greengrocers - Silver Street, near top of Summervale. I used to go shopping sometimes for my Mum (remember she was at work at STC from 8a.m. to 6 p.m. ) and so we had to do a lot to help her. I always liked it when Mrs Irwin said "And here's an
extra one for you" (usually an apple).
More to follow!
Best Wishes
Peter Westmacott

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