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The Westmacotts


-I have just heard from Peter via Friends Reunited ----- Original Message -----
Hello Jean
Do you remember me from Ilminster days? I lived there in Summervale from 1954-7. My grandparents, Reg and Ethel Durham lived next door to you. Looking at my baptism certificate recently, I see that your parents were my godparents when I was christened in Ilminster church.  I'm now living in Suffolk (28 years). Am married to Glenys (42 years). We have a son, Craig, 41 and daughter, Kelda 39. Craig has 2 boys  and a girl; Kelda has 2 boys. We moved to Paignton in 1958 and I worked at STC. When I was 25 I went to Nottm Univ and got a history degree, then became a teacher, firstly in Minehead  (10 years) then in Beccles, Suffolk from 1982 til I retired in 2002. We have been back to Ilminster many times and still like it. In fact  
we had thought about moving back there!!

Would love to hear from you Jean.

Best Wishes

Peter Westmacott


My Reply ----------

Do I remember you?  Yes of course and David and Paul and your mother Joan. It's wonderful to hear from you.
I have started a blog about Summervale and you might like to read it -
click here - You will need to go right back to the beginning so give yourself some time. It will awaken happy memories I'm sure.

I have loads of old photos and in your honour I will go and post one of you and tell everyone I have heard from you.

Peter & Clive

Could we correspond by e-mail I find this print on here very small ( it's my age!). My email address is -
and I look forward to hearing more from you and a good "chat" over the internet.

Let’s see what develops – exciting isn’t it? I have also heard from John Satchell who has threatened to tell me the story of his “Great Escape” with Kenny Laughton.


friends 4ever

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