Friday, 29 January 2010

Terry Pell

Hi Jean.

Just had another look at your blog (which continues to get better and better)and looking down the list of Summervale inhabitants  I notice that I have failed to inform you that my Brother Ronny Pell is deceased having been instantly killed while on duty as acting sergeant in a Police car involved in a road traffic collision in London on December 26th 1969. He was only 39. Would you amend his listing accordingly please.

Keep up the good work.

While it would be nice to see some entries from people I knew during the wonderful time that I lived there  I do realise that I am pushing on age wise (very close to 76) and obviously those still surviving  would be roughly the same age. Fingers crossed someone will appear.

That’s a sad tale about your brother Terry and the list has been amended.

I have one photo of you “older” boys and girls and I wonder if you or your brotherIris's birthday are amongst them. This was Iris Hewitt’s birthday and my brother ( now 75) is there along with Peter Mason, Shirley Hewitt ( always so pretty)  Margaret Mason , Irene Forbes, Joyce Stock and her brother Alan.

Who is the boy next to Shirley with the curly hair  Could it be Tony Macey? And the other boy next to Peter Mason with a striped tie?

Help me out someone.


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