Monday, 29 March 2010


Hello Jean
Sorry I didn't say which sweet shop. It was the one opposite the secondary modern school in Ditton Street. I don't recall ever using the one next to Tony White's on the High Street; perhaps it had closed by 1954.
Yes, I too loved chocolate ├ęclairs and liquorice allsorts. I had forgotten them. Another one I've just remembered were the lemon sherbets, but I never really rated them.
Something very special were the walnut whips. Mike Smith introduced me to these. I think they were quite expensive, but were very, very tasty.Can you still buy them?
Best Wishes
Peter Westmacott
P.S. I liked your photo of the old coal lorry. I think it closely resembled the one in Summervale.  Your sketch of the Summervale coal bin was spot on. Well done

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