Saturday, 20 March 2010



You must remember Dyers next to the Plaza. It was a clothing and haberdashery store – what a wonderful description !


Inside it was decked out with dark wooden counters with glass fronted display units and around the walls were row upon row of neatly stacked shelves.

No credit cards in those days, cash along with the bill was put in a little cup which whizzed it’s way across the ceiling to the cashiers office.

A photo of a cash railway in a machine 1

The bill was checked, receipted and put back in the cup with the change to be whizzed back to the counter.


in Ditton Street also had this system. I can still smell the bacon, being sliced on the bacon machine to whichever thickness you wanted, and the big round golden cheeses, some possibly from the Horlicks factory down the road.

The rows of jars and bottles on the shelves behind the counter and, in particular, the Heinz 57 logo.



As you can see, I liked my fish & chips!

This was the chemists in Silver Street where I bought my first lipstick and where June Wakeham worked.

Have a look at this website – how many shops can you indentify?

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