Friday, 5 March 2010

Email from Marie Macey

“    Hi Jean, Great to hear from you also, I really have missed the old Summervale site.

Tony did have a mishap when he tried to climb a tree over the old canal in front of the tunnel entrance. The branch that he was on broke and he fell into the water and mud and almost drowned. He got out after a lot of difficulty but some grass penetrated his ear and gave him trouble for a long time. I remember him coming home covered in mud.

    I remember the Italian baker that worked in Tolley's, he didn't want to return to Italy after the war and married an English girl I think.

    I am in the photo in front of John Cornforth, behind Trevor Stock with my hand on Shirley's shoulder.


Iris's birthday

    All the photos that I have are ones that you sent me awhile back.

My memory is not quite as good as I thought it might be but here we go

Back row

Peter mason,  ?  . Mr. Hewitt, Iris ,  John Cornforth,  Amy Stone,  ?, Mrs Hewitt,

  Next row,

        ?,  Me Marie. ? , Eileen Simpson  Tony Boyce, Joyce Stock, ? , ?,

    Front row

         Trevor Stock, Shirley Hewitt, George Simpson, Margaret Mason. Irene Forbes.

    By the way, from one Aries to another,


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