Sunday, 14 March 2010

More From Marie

Some things I remember, the girl in the picture with the horse is Mary Britten, she and I were very good friends.

(Actually it was me!  I was allowed to ride him occasionally around the orchard)

The horse was usually kept in the field at the bottom of Summervale. She asked me if I had ever ridden a horse and when I said I hadn't she talked me into climbing onto it's back. When I did she smacked it's rear end and it took off with me hanging on to it's mane for dear life, a ride I will never forget.

        Someone wrote that they thought by brother was eighteen when he fell into the canal, he was much younger, Tony joined the RAF and was stationed in Kenya by eighteen.

        Margaret Plumridge , that was really tragic, my sister Loretta was with her when she was killed. They were crossing the road together when Margaret suddenly stopped to fix her shoe, Loretta continued on across but turned to see what she was doing just as she jumped up and ran straight into a motorcycle that she didn't see coming. Needless to say it was bad for all concerned, Loretta was traumatized for years.

Loretta lives in Exmouth and is in very good health. Tony is living in Chard but has some health problems, he had an operation on his ankle that they had to do over, it has curtailed mobility to the point that he can't drive any more.

        I still have lots of photos to go through, my Grandson in Tennessee is getting interested in his heritage and he's keeping me busy. Bye for now.


I can imagine what an enormous impact that had on the whole of Summervale as it was such a close knit community. I, personally do not remember it as I was too young.

Here are some photos sent in by Marie -

Lyme Regis 1947

Lyme 47 closeup

Lyme Regis 1947 cropped

Lucky Dip 2


Carnival 1951 (1)

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