Saturday, 30 June 2012

Email from Mike Smith

Hi Jean,

Just 3 of the many photo’s taken you should receive soon hopefully at the Shrub yesterday for you to collate.

Photo 1


I don’t recognise anyone in this group but understand they all went to Ditton Street School but did not necessarily live in Summervale. There is one person I should know – Mary Williams hiding at the back and Derek Drayton in front of her in the white shirt..


Photo 2


I certainly recognised this gentleman – sat right in the middle is George Brown who doesn’t look any different but I am told he is 94! I think that is Gloria Dixon on the right wearing a blue cardigan.





Left to Right

Allen Dixon

Mike Smith

Peter Westmacott

Mick Jolly

Bob Chambers ( hiding)

Clive Williams

David Westmacott.

Funny how I still think of them all in short trousers.



With apologies to all especially Mike Smith As I struggled to find a photo of him.

Peter is going to do a formal report of the day to make it one for history. Being a formal teacher on the subject, it should be a good one !!!!.

Take care,

Mike Smith

PS, the guy on the right in the third photo is Peter’s brother David. He was one of our stars of the show !!!!!!!

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