Tuesday, 5 June 2012

A letter from Peter

Hello Jean   A few weeks ago I placed a news item about the reunion in the Chard and Ilminster News.  As a result of this I had some interesting responses by phone and letter.  The first came from a woman called Eileen Raphael (nee Apton), who told me that as a 14-year old girl she was evacuated from East Ham in 1942 and lived in Summervale for about two years. She thought she lived next door to the Hewitts, perhaps at no. 29 where the Chambers lived or no.32 where Leohs lived.  She wasn't quite sure.  She is now in her mid-80s.  After a couple of years in Summervale the family moved to Crewkerne. Later she married a local man and still lives in Ilminster today.  Does anyone remember her and her family?    I had a lengthy and informative letter from Jon (Johnnie Coles), also in his mid-80s.  He didn't live in Summervale but was often playing with friends there when he was a boy.  He was great friends with George Simpson, with whom he played a lot of sport, particularly football.  Jon went to the boys' grammar school and spent most of his life in Ilminster.  He has made quite a name for himself as a local historian.  I know Brenda Simpson remembers Jon well from her Summervale days.  Jon and his family lived at The Butts, along the High Street; nowadays he lives in Ladymeade, which we all knew as the hay field beyond the bottom of Brewery Lane, the field through the kissing gate.  Does anyone else remember Jon?   He is very keen to meet the "Torbay contingent" of Summervalians, so I have invited him along to the reunion.  His wife is a Paignton lady.  I hope they will come.   Just a few weeks to go to the big day!  I hope you are all preparing yourselves well!  Look out all those interesting old photos in the next few weeks and bring them along with you!   Best Wishes   Peter (the boy from no.10) I am afraid those names Mean nothing to me but I expect Jon would remember my brother, another keen sportsman and I'm sure that Tony played cricket with George Simpson. Eileen would have left Summervale before I was born but may well be rembered by the older generation kids. JJ Sent from my iPad.

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