Monday, 25 June 2012





Gordon Acourt                          Anna Parker

Jean Boyce  (sadly no)             Doris Powell  

Mary Brister + John                  Doreen Powell  

George Brown                           Mary Ralph

Carol Brown + Dennis              Carol Richards

Irene Brown + Mike                   Marjorie Richards

Joan Brown + Norman              Wenda Richards + Brad

Marion Brown + Fred                Jean Swift

Les Brunt                                   Brenda Simpson

Bob Chambers                          Eileen Simpson

Jon & Estelle Coles                  Norma Simpson

Ruth Davis                                 Beryl Slade

Allen Dixon                                Mike & Maggie Smith

Gloria Dixon                              Tony Tolman

Derek Drayton                           Valerie Vaux

Edith Drayton                            Joan Wakeham + Rob

Malcolm & Janet Driver            June Wakeham + Peter

Roger Everson                          Barry Wellman

Christine Farwell                       Peter Westmacott

Irene Forbes                              Glenys Westmacott

Peter & Jeanette Greer             David Westmacott

Maxwell & Angela Swain          Beryl Westmacott

Mike Jolly                                   Verena White

Beryl Kearney                            David & Anne Wills

Stan & Anne Kearney                Clive & Pam Williams

Alan & Lesley Knight                Mary Williams + Mike

Ruth Light                                  Gwen Woodland

Pauline Loveless

Margaret Mason + Peter

Ivan Margetts

Dianne Mothersele + Eric

Sylvia North

Bill Noy             




To all those who make it  - have a wonderful time and let me have lots of photos to put on the blog.

Love to you all,


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