Thursday, 14 June 2012


Yes, the Queen has had her Diamond Jubilee and soon it will be our turn to  wander back through time and reminisce about that hot June day in 1953 when we had probably the best street party EVER!

Despite the fact that  looking back at the photos now the bungalows  look drab and poor us kids  were so lucky to have been brought up in such a tight community and made to feel loved and protected.

This photo of a prefab shows how it really was -

Anyone for cricket 1

note the well kept gardens and the simple pleasure of playing a game of cricket in the road.

The Green looks unkempt and no doubt there were smelly pig bins nearby but we were so content as kids. Of course I have no idea what our parents thought but I assume they were very happy to be away from London in the safety of the Somerset countryside and also to be living in three bedded accommodation with all mod cons including a proper bathroom. Yes, there WAS ice on the  INSIDE of the windows but that was the norm in days before central heating.

Pictured on the Green is dear Barry Symons who sadly is no longer with us. He is missed by his family and many friends.

I must just tell you this coincidence – I have a close friend who apparently used to work for STC back in the 70’s. She lived in Brixham and one day I mentioned Barry’s name in connection with Summervale and she told me he was once her boss! She too was very fond of him. What a nice way to be remembered.

Small world eh?


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  1. i remember playing cricket as a boy peter plumridge if you read could you put me on list for wednesday will pay when we come peter 2


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