Thursday, 28 June 2012

How Was It For You ?

The Reunion has come and gone and all the hard work by Peter in coordinating the event is over.

Did you go?

Did you enjoy it?

Who did you chat to?

Who were you most surprised to see?

Who had changed the least?

Come on Guys and Gals, I want to hear from you. Shall we have another, perhaps in Torbay next year so that those who find travelling difficult could attend. What about numbers? Did you think that 80+ was about right or too many?

I have heard from Joan Wakeham and “little” Bobby Chambers with promises of photos to follow but I would like to hear from you too so get in touch.

They both told me of reminiscences they shared  which I would like to record on here.

  • For one, I bet most of you remember coming down the hill on your skates and  ”accidently” falling in Mrs.  Cornforth’s hedge. Poor woman.
  • Climbing out of your bedroom window and going scrumping after dark.
  • Playing Kiss chase in the mowing grass.
  • Ringing Britten’s door bell and running down the lane.

Summervalians Unite.

coro day


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