Friday, 8 June 2012

News of Mary Ralph.

  Hi Jean,   I came across you Summervale site & you ask where some people are now.   So my mum is Mary Ralph, (married name Leaman although my Dad deceased in 1999) now 72 and still living in Paignton.   Her sister Anne Ralph (married name Anne Michael) is deceased through lung cancer.   Her youngest sister Pat Ralph is still alive although in a wheelchair now & living in Kent.   I am working at what is left of Nortel as you can see from the logo below, 120 in a small unit at the bottom of Long Road behing the old factory.   I hope this is of some use and interest. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jean says - I have replied and have mentioned the reunion. I then got another email saying that Anne Ralph, Mary's mum is still living in Spencer Road and is 97. So good to hear From people and know that the Old Blog is still awakening memories, lovely memories of the past. I have also had a long chat today with Joan Wakeham and I can see that once we all get chatting hen another meeting will have to follow. Jean.      


  1. Could someone please let me have Peter Westmacotts phone number again please as i have mislaid it. i need thim to call Mum Mary Ralph as I think she is almost on the hook to come to the reunion and i think a word from Peter would convince her!

    Terry (Marys Son)
    07729 802436

  2. I have replied by email Terry.
    Hope she makes it

    1. Yes I hope so too Jean - she would love it I'm sure.


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